ThroughCollege and the Greater Beloit, WI Help Yourself Programs are now working together to help students from 145 families (4th-12th graders) with preparation, admission, and success in post-secondary education programs.

What are Help Yourself Programs?
The Help Yourself Programs (HYSP) are a Beloit College community outreach
initiative for youth in the Greater Beloit area. The initiative is comprised of a set of
unique, comprehensive academic and cultural enrichment programs and
educational support services to supplement the curriculum in public and
private schools.

Objective of the Programs:
The main objective is to intervene early in the academic lives of
disadvantaged youth by empowering them with the basic tools they need to
enter and succeed in post-secondary education.

The Pre-Collegiate program was the first of Beloit College community
outreach programs; it began in 1986 to provide high school students with
educational opportunities designed to prepare them for college. The program
emphasizes the development of critical and analytical thinking skills in the
core academic areas: Science, Math and English, and the integration of these
skills with cultural and artistic experiences.