For a limited time schools and students with need can subscribe to the ThroughCollege system for free. This is an $80 value per student.

The ThroughCollege System helps individual students find, apply to, and succeed at their best-fit college. The 4 Steps of the ThroughCollege System are a series of innovative and engaging activities students can do on their own or with a mentor.

If you are a student (9th-11th grade) or family who can’t spend an extra $80 on college preparation right now, just email us a short email about why it is important for you to discover yourself and your future, find, apply to, and succeed at the best college for you. Why do you want to discover who you are and what you can do with your life? Why is this process important to you? We will email you a code and you can subscribe to the ThroughCollege system for free. This means downloading and doing all of the activities to help you figure your college future out. Do them on your own but do them best with a mentor, peer, or family member.

If you are a middle or high school that doesn’t have the resources to implement a system to help students prepare for college please send us an email about how something like this could benefit you as well as how you can help to assess and enhance the system of activities and we can provide you with a code to distribute to students to access the system at no cost.

Email the ThroughCollege team at Email soon because this will only be available for a limited time to students and schools with limited resources and high commitment.

Check out the ThroughCollege System at