You might not be inclined to read the entire 431 pages of the legislation, but the passage of the Act provides a new, significant chapter in American higher education system.

  • Changes in student aid: Increase of the max Pell Grant to $8,000 by 2014; up to $10,000 in loan forgiveness for teachers willing to teach in high-need areas; further support for TRIO and GEAR UP programs; and simplification of FAFSA form
  • Proposal for decrease in tuition costs: requiring reports to the Secretary of Education outlining tuition, graduation rates, and mapping out ways to keep the costs down
  • Decrease in textbook cost burden and use of online technology to curb the costs
  • Changes in teacher education: integration of technology in teacher training to help low-income and students with disabilities new ways to access content, get support, and prepare for college
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