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You might not be inclined to read the entire 431 pages of the legislation, but the passage of the Act provides a new, significant chapter in American higher education system.

  • Changes in student aid: Increase of the max Pell Grant to $8,000 by 2014; up to $10,000 in loan forgiveness for teachers willing to teach in high-need areas; further support for TRIO and GEAR UP programs; and simplification of FAFSA form
  • Proposal for decrease in tuition costs: requiring reports to the Secretary of Education outlining tuition, graduation rates, and mapping out ways to keep the costs down
  • Decrease in textbook cost burden and use of online technology to curb the costs
  • Changes in teacher education: integration of technology in teacher training to help low-income and students with disabilities new ways to access content, get support, and prepare for college
To learn more visit: http://edlabor.house.gov/micro/coaa.shtml

2008 being an election year opens doors for higher education policy reconsiderations. AASCU, one of the most prominent higher education association has recently released a list of top ten issues that need to be address in the policy realm:
1.    Affordability
2.    States’ fiscal forecasts
3.    College preparation
4.    Campus security
5.    Immigration
6.    Presidential election
7.    Affirmative action
8.    Retooling financial aid
9.    Economic development
The presence of college preparation near the top of the list suggests the importance of linking and aligning higher and secondary education systems and increasing the level of rigor all students get in high schools in order to be college ready. To learn more visit http://www.aascu.org