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Benefits for Students:

Get accepted to the best college for you. By following the ThroughCollege method, you'll find a college that can best help you you achieve your long-term goals.
Give yourself the best chance to be accepted to the best colleges. By knowing who you are and where you're headed you'll present yourself to colleges in an authentic and mature way - improving your chances to be accepted.

Rise above the anxiety . In high school, it seems like everyone is nervous about college. They're nervous about getting applications done, getting accepted, going to right place and leaving their friends. The ThroughCollege System can help you formulate and carry out the best plan for you based on your goals, interests and preferences.

Manage the college application process more easily. There are many important steps involved in applying for college. ThroughCollege helps you organize by offering a logical step-by-step process with video content that can be done in short segments at your own pace.

Access ThroughCollege any time on your own time. ThroughCollege materials are easy to access online from home, school or anyplace with Internet access. This way, you won't miss out on any high school activities because you're working too long and hard on your college applications!

Prepare for a career you're excited about . The ThroughCollege System helps you explore the best possible career for your interests. When you get to college, your preparation will allow you to focus on gaining the knowledge and skills to help you pursue your career goals.

Benefits for Parents:

Provide your child with a competitive edge. Competition for spots in selective schools is very tough. ThroughCollege's comprehensive system helps students complete applications for their best-fit schools more effectively - providing improved admissions success.

Maximize your family's college investment. T he ThroughCollege System creates a foundation for students to find good jobs after college - jobs that are right for them where they can quickly pay off their student loans and build a strong financial future.

Provide engaging tools to help your child lead the application process . The ThroughCollege System provides video guidance and interactive activities designed to make the application process fun.

Prepare your child for the transition from high school to college. Going to college is a big transition for students and parents. The ThroughCollege System guides students to think through all of the aspects of the transition process.

Benefits for Counselors / Teachers / Mentors:

Implement an effective tool to improve student outcomes. ThroughCollege's system can add to your existing College Admissions Curriculum without increasing your workload. Students can access engaging, essential activities, which can improve their chances of success.

Align your guidance program with existing college readiness research . Leading researchers state that developing "college knowledge" is an important part of preparing for college. The ThroughCollege System implementation helps satisfy most requirements defined as "college knowledge".

Use a comprehensive framework to guide your work with students. Mentors allocate valuable discretionary time to helping young people through life's changes. The ThroughCollege System provides mentors with easy-to-understand professional assistance improving their ability to improve student outcomes.

Benefits for Universities and Colleges:

Help students understand the unique benefits your institution can offer. ThroughCollege enables a more thoughtful & effective application process, which creates a higher level of awareness among target populations normally reserved for local & big-name schools.

Improve students' chances of landing in a "best-fit" institution. The System eliminates decisions made on overly simplistic criteria and helps students understand exactly what they're looking for, which will improve outcomes when they arrive on campus. By helping institutions enroll "best-fit" students, ThroughCollege improves student retention.

Ease the college transition process . The initial transition to college can be challenging for first-year students. ThroughCollege's System helps students understand the challenges they may face, allowing them the comfort level to overcome obstacles presented in their first year at school.

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