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The ThroughCollege System is designed for individual students. It can be used by schools and non-profits to serve students. It is also a valuable corporate benefit to offer to employees and their children.

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The ThroughCollege System helps individual students find, apply to, and succeed at their best-fit college. The 4 Steps of the ThroughCollege System are a series of innovative and engaging activities students can do on their own or with a mentor.

Benefits for Students, Parents, & Educators

Benefits for Students:

  • Get accepted to the best college for you.
  • Give yourself the best chance to be accepted to the best colleges.
  • Rise above the anxiety.
  • Manage the college application process more easily.
  • Access ThroughCollege any time on your own time. 
  • Prepare for a career you're excited about.

Benefits for Parents:

  • Provide your child with a competitive edge.
  • Maximize your family's college investment.
  • Provide engaging tools to help your child lead the application process.
  • Prepare your child for the transition from high school to college.

Benefits for Counselors / Teachers / Mentors:

  • Implement an effective tool to improve student outcomes.
  • Align your guidance program with existing college readiness research.
  • Use a comprehensive framework to guide your work with students.

Benefits for Universities and Colleges:

  • Help students understand the unique benefits your institution can offer. 
  • Improve students' chances of landing in a "best-fit" institution.
  • Ease the college transition process.

    Through College System

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