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Through College FAQs

Q: What is the ThroughCollege System?

A: The ThroughCollege system is a series of activities that a student can do to help them discover themselves, what they want to do, select a college and also prepare for life beyond college. Students can do the system alone or they can do the system with a mentor. Most of the activities are on sheets that you can print out and do anywhere. Others involve videos.

Q: How much does the ThroughCollege subscription cost and what do I get?

A: With your subscription to the ThroughCollege system, you get one full year of unlimited access to the System. The System consists of a series of engaging videos and documents that provide you with detailed, step-by-step guidance to find, apply to, and succeed at the best college for you. This valuable resource is available for only $85.00.

Q: What grades is the ThroughCollege System designed for?

A: The ThroughCollege System has four steps. The first two steps are designed for students in 6-12 th grades. The third and fourth steps are designed for 8 th grade students and older. The earlier you start preparing for college the better. Even if you won't be submitting a college application for a few years, it is still great practice to think through the colleges that are right for you and to set goals to reach those colleges.

Q: How do students do the activities?

A: As a student you can do the activities on your own and you can do them with a mentor. Your mentor can be someone you trust to help you discover yourself and plan for college. It could be an adult you know, an older student, a teacher, or even your parent.

Q: How much time will it take?

A: Like anything, the more time you invest the more you'll get out of the system. Some of the steps may be easier for you than others. You can spread out the activities over a series of years or focus them within one year or even semester.

Q: Why do I need that ThroughCollege system?

A: College is a really important decision and part of your life. It deserves great preparation and thought. Most middle and secondary schools don't have the resources to allow students to have multiple meetings with a knowledgeable school counselor so this system can fill in the gaps.


FAQ From Parents or Mentors

Q: What does it mean to be a ThroughCollege member?

A: It means you can access a lot of knowledge and resources to help students successfully prepare for college and life. Members are able to download the activities and access ThoughCollege reports.

Q: How much does the ThroughCollege System cost?

A: You can download, print and use everything we have for use with your student for $85.

Q: Can a parent of regular person help a student prepare for college with your system?

A: Yes! We developed the system so that quality college guidance can be done by anyone through mentoring.

Q:: How do I mentor?

A: Being a good mentor means spending time with the student, listening, sharing your own experiences, and helping them stay committed to doing the activities and preparing for college. We have a mentors guide that will help, but essentially you guide them through activities that should be self explanatory.


FAQs From Schools

Q: Can a whole school use the ThroughCollege system?

A: Schools can access the ThroughCollege System for all of their students by license arrangement with ThroughCollege at a greatly reduced per student cost.

Q: How does a school use the ThroughCollege system?

A: Schools can use the activities in many ways, including as part of a class or program curriculum, within small group mentoring, or individual college guidance. Some activities can even begin as early as the 6 th grade and continue through high school graduation.

Q: What do you offer for school counselors and teachers?

A: Much of the mentoring with the ThroughCollege System will be started or done by an educator or counselor. In addition to using the activities, we have also provided research reports, news, and links to provide you with innovative college guidance ideas for students. We also offer professional development webinars and training sessions to help.

Q: How did you develop the ThroughCollege System?

A: The ThroughCollege system was developed from years of research and practice by a team of educators who received their degrees from the University of Wisconsin , Stanford, and Harvard. It was created and used by people who help high school students think about who they are and their future in college. Students who have done these activities have gone on to great schools and great lives!



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